Let’s Make Donegal the Greenest County in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day!

Donegal to go Green for St Patricks Day

Let’s Make Donegal the Greenest County in Ireland

for St. Patrick’s Day 2015

Donegal Tourism Ltd in association with Donegal County Council would like to encourage everyone to help make ‘Donegal the Greenest County in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day 2015’.

You may have seen other famous buildings, landmarks and world heritage sites go green around the world such as the Taj Mahal in India, the Moulin Rouge in Paris and the Pyramids of Egypt to name but a few, all of which receive extensive media coverage online and offline to promote Ireland as a world class tourism destination. This year we want to put Donegal firmly on the map when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day Greening!

Greenings mean so much more than just the vast amount of worldwide publicity they receive, in particular via the web. Greenings are a symbol of the warm welcome that we in Donegal extend to our Diaspora and indeed to the world. Greening Donegal in line with other countries around the world showcases that we are open for business and extend a hand in friendship and respect to visitors.

This year the Wild Atlantic Way also offers us an excellent opportunity to show that Donegal is very much connected and looking forward to ensuring our visitors have the holiday experience of a lifetime. Whether it is a local monument, a major historic site, an old fort or a modern building, the greener the better!

We would encourage everyone in Donegal to come together to green local landmarks, attractions, heritage sites and any other places or buildings that would look great in green! By working together we can make Donegal the Greenest County in Ireland for 2015. The benefits of which are far reaching and will positively impact on visitor numbers in the future.

Why Go Green?

The photo will be shared across websites and social networks for Govisitdonegal.com, donegalgathering.com, MalinWaters.com, Donegaldiaspora.ie, Donegalcoco.ie among others.

The photo will be included and circulated on all e-mail marketing campaigns including links back to your website and social media channels.

The photo will be sent to Failte Ireland and Tourism Ireland for further extensive marketing coverage and other marketing contacts.

Your greening initiative will be included in local and national media campaigns both online and offline. This is a great way to showcase Donegal to the world!

How to Go Green?

Get together with local community groups and decide on a location to go green.

Utilise existing lighting – the campaign should be cost effective rather than cost generating

If the attraction is flood lit, then green lighting gels are an easy and inexpensive way to go green and these can be purchased online or in some specialist lighting shops.

Arrange for your chosen location to go green on or before St. Patrick’s Day 2015.

E-mail the photo to Donegal Tourism Ltd along with the name of the attraction and location.

Promote on your own websites and social media channels.

While there is no funding available, it is hoped that local communities will be able to organise greening projects themselves and in return they will receive extensive free marketing coverage

Donegal Tourism Ltd will include your greened location on all marketing campaigns!

TIP: Lighting Filter Gels Explained

One of several options for ‘greening’ is to use Lighting Filter Gels, which are transparent coloured material often used in theatre lighting. Gels are a cost effective (paper) thin sheet of polycarbonate/polyester and can be placed in front of existing flood lights to give a nice colour effect, ideal for Greening!

Filter Gels are made so that they can withstand high temperatures and can be purchased online or in some lighting shops.They come in rolls that can be cut to size. Google ‘lighting filter gels’ for more information. It is recommended that you seek advice on purchasing the correct lighting gel for safety reasons.

Go Green, Get Involved!

If you are interested in going green for St. Patrick’s Day, please complete our survey below  or e-mail greeningdonegal@gmail.com with details.


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